Reducing and eliminating the necessity of adopting the environmental impact of manufacturing processes and adopted it as an integral part of the production activities.

DÖNMEZ as BARREL; the principles set forth below, the prevention of environmental pollution and our potential and we are committed to continuously improve performance in every area


  • Standards set with all relevant laws and regulations will be implemented.
  • To reduce the use of natural resources and reused as much as possible and is addressed to the consumption of recyclable materials.
  • Investment decisions are taken, it takes into account environmental criteria.
  • Investment decisions are taken, environmental criteria are taken into account.
  • In all our activities, cautious and careful about the effects will be treated to the environment.
  • Environmental Management System has been developed and is being kept up to date and effective this system is provided.
  • Emergency Risk reduction is attempted.
  • "ISO 14001 Environmental Management System" which will fulfill all requirements
  • Our work related to third parties, advice on our company and our suppliers of goods and services that our suppliers similar environmental standards in our system and applications you are suggesting.
  • Not exclusively to environmental protection is ensured participation in work related to the development of environmental projects created for this purpose and / or created projects try to give support.
  • To train all staff regarding the protection of health and the environment of the employees committed to taking all necessary precautions, especially.

Environmental policy, all employees will be communicated to any third real and legal persons we communicate with. Determined based on the purpose and objectives of this policy will be revised every year.